Two vertically moving frames make up the classic guillotine window. Numerous hidden or visible permanent and mobile setups are available from Cealla Anodized 25 micron aluminium alloy with a natural colour finish makes up the structure. The versions that are thermolacquered or anodized can be had in a plethora of colours. The vertical profile is 18 mm wide. For incredibly easy management, the system uses a high-precision counterweight action. There are many alternatives for button locking systems, and the mechanism can be motorized.


Designed to protect the invisible single-track frame The sliding window can be completely hidden by being mounted on a single track. Unmatched transparency is provided on all four sides by the outstanding finishing. Additionally, the wide holes provide the lightest most light with the least number of apparent profiles. There are countless glazing and surface options. The new window eliminates the architectural partition separating the inside from the outside is destroyed by the new window, which also creates space, light, and freedom.



The Caellawindows pivoting system is available in several ranges, adapted to the installation conditions of your projects.

TH+ +

Available in 32 or 44 mm double or triple glazed versions, the Caellawindows TH+ range is for sliding window surfaces of up to 18 m2, with scope for larger panes, depending on the supplier of the glass.

The excellent insulating properties of the profiles, in combination with the glass, enable current low energy consumption standards to be met.


  • Standard sliding frame (up to 18 m2, or more)
  • Sliding invisible frame (up to 18 m2, or more)
  • Curved (sliding: minimum radius of 3 m; fixed: minimum diameter of 1.5 m)
  • Pivoting (up to 12 m2)
  • Guillotine (up to 500 kg per pane)
  • Turnable Corner (up to 250 kg per pane, 6 m2)
  • Fixed (up to 18 m2, or more)
  • Opening angle
  • Pocket
  • Motorisation
  • Mosquito net

3001 +

Flagship range

The Caellawindows 3001 range allows for sliding window surfaces of up to 6 m² with 26 mm double glazing.

The first Caellawindows 3001 window was developed at the start of the 1990s. With the experience we now have, we can guarantee that this system presents no hidden defects.

The roller mechanism and sealing system work perfectly, provided that the window has been assembled in line with good industry practices.


  • Standard sliding (up to 6 m2)
  • Pivoting (up to 6 m2)
  • Guillotine (up to 6 m2)
  • Fixed (up to 9 m2)
  • Opening angle
  • Pocket
  • Mosquito net

V56 +

Infinite surface

The Caellawindows V56 range allows infinite glazing surfaces using 56 mm thick double or triple glazing. The V56 range is an evolution of our current sliding window systems.

The Caellawindows V56 window has been developed to keep the same mechanical characteristics of the caellawindows systems which have been proving their worth for over 25 years.


  • Standard sliding
  • Pocket
  • Opening angle

Completed Projects


A range of motorisation equipment is available as an option:

motorisation +

In accordance with our philosophy, we developed a motorisation system for all the TH+ guillotine and sliding systems which allows integration into the architectural design with minimum interference, with a simplified and very quiet opening.

The motorisation system is fully hidden in the top part of our Caellawindows frame and only requires a height of 12 cm. The maximum driving force is 180 N for a maximum weight of 1,200 kg per motor. The maximum motion speed is 167 mm/s-1 and slows when a second leaf is driven. It has an automatic electrical closure which is compatible with all home automation opening systems: electronic lock, push button, badge reader, etc. Our system is undergoing constant development, and new options will be available soon.

To ensure complete safety, the system stops as soon as an obstacle is detected. The motorisation system is also available for the curved and guillotine solutions.